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Laptop Repair in Ottawa

Laptop Repair in Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada stands as the fourth largest city of Canada. Situated on the eastern side of Ontario Province, Ottawa is the most densely populated and southernmost region of Canada. 

The city boasts of large sections of highly educated and knowledgeable people, young and old, quite familiar with uses of computers and its accessories. Computer desktops and laptops have become an essential, integral part of their daily life, whatever be their means of livelihood.

Being so widely used to the usage of laptops, etc. these persons are often exposed to the risk of sudden cessation of work, when their computers  become dysfunctional for some reason or other.  Securing a prompt and reliable repair service assumes a matter of immediate priority and concern. 

Choosing a right service provider for undertaking urgent repairs also poses a difficult choice for many.

Top Tech ITSolutions Inc. headquartered in Calgary, Canada is fully geared to take up this challenge of providing urgent and needy repair service by tackling common issues as well as tough and sophisticated problems faced by the customers.

Headed by expert strategists, our  team of trained professionals at Toptech ITSolutions, extend critical computer repair services through dynamic resolution of computer-related problems online.

A Quick Glance of Our Services
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ü  Laptop Repairing
ü  Motherboard/Logic Board Repairing
ü  Survelliance Camera Installation
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ü  Web Development

Mac Repairing
Mac or Macintosh systems are generally expensive. Although Mac systems perform better than  the usual desktops, its maintenance may bring up snares. Therefore, who would you rely for repairs? Top tech has always been your online friend in such instances. It would do well to know some useful key shortcuts and their use in a Mac System.

Keys Shortcuts and  Use

Keyboard Keys
Prime Use
Switch to the Desktop and launch the nth application in the taskbar.
Open the Action Center
Win+ B
Highlight the notification area.
Win+ C
Launch the Cortana into the Listening mode.
Toggle Show Desktop and Previous State.
Switch to  the Desktop and launch the File Explorer with Quick Access tab displayed.
Win+ H
Open the Share
Win+ I
Open the Settings
Open Connect Pane to connect to Wireless Displays and audio devices.
Lock the Device and go to the Lock Screen.
Win+ M
Switch to Desktop and minimizes all open windows.
Lock the Device Orientation
Open the Project Paneto search and connect to external displays and Projectors.
Displays the Run Dialog Box
Launch the Cortana Help to type in a query immediately.
Cycle through the applications on a taskbar.
Ease of Access Center.
Cycle through the Notifications.
Open the advanced menu in thelower left corner of the screen.
Win+ Z
Open the Application specific appbar.
Win+ Enter
Launch the Narrator.
Switch  input language and keyboard layout.
Open Task View.
Win+ Comma
Peep at Desktop.
Win+Plus Sign
Zoom in.
Win+ Negative Sign
Zoom out.
Win+ Escape
Close the Magnifier.
Win+Left Arrow
Dock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
Win+Right Arrow
Dock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
Win+Up Arrow
Maximize the Active window vertically and horizontally.
Win+Down Arrow
Maximize the Active window vertically and horizontally./ Restore
Win+Shift+ Up Arrow
Maximize the Active window vertically current width.
Win+Shift+Down Arrow
Win+ Home
Minimize all non active windows . Restore on Second Keystroke.
Win+Print Screen
Takes a Picture and places it in Computers>Screenshots folder.
Win+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow
Switch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
Virtual Desktop.
Close the current virtual desktop.
Launch the Windows Feedback Application.

Mac Book Overheating 
Mac Laptops/Desktops in general become more susceptible to getting overheated while being used for long hours like playing video games, the streaming of videos, and squeezing of internal components into small areas.
Solution to Overheating
If your Mac Pc or Mac Book shuts down while working, it may be due to random overheating of the system in use. These issues are resolved by reducing the prevailing use of the system or exposure to rising temperatures in the parts that degrade the ultimate performance.
Steps For Preventing Overheating Issues
  1. Elevate/ lift your laptop in caseof excess heating problems.It's always advisable to lift your Mac Laptop using a Griffin Elevator (costing approx.$35) which comes with an aluminum frame to matchtheMac Book'ssimpledesign.
  2. Avoid Soft surfaces. If the elevation procedure does not help, please place it on a hard surface rather than a softer one to prevent excess heat absorption.
  3. Don't Use a FanControlling Software. The Fan Controlling Software usually increasestheheat generated while using and system needs to cool down. Hence, it is not advisable to run the Fan Control Software in such cases.
Mac Book Spilt with Liquids
 God forbid if any liquid is spilt on your Mac Book/Laptops. Don't panic, but simply follow the procedures given below to avoid such instances:
  • Take apart the laptop.
  • Clean the Motherboard with an industrial electronic detergent.
  • Dry out the motherboard.
  • Inspect the Motherboard for errors/bugs with a microscope.
  • Replace all corroded logic board /motherboard circuit components.
  • Troubleshooting the Motherboard with logic board schematics.
  • Replace faulty parts or components like transistors, capacitors, resistors,logic gates, amplifiers and so on.
  • Test the motherboard.
  • Assemble the laptop.
  • Test the laptop by hardware tests.
  • Test the laptop bysoftware tests

No battery, No Lights

Suppose that everything you did had been right, but the system would not switch on. What would you do? Modern Mac Pro laptops generally have a longer charging potential.Theremaybe some scenarios where the system,wouldnot work after all the hard work. Considering the importance of electricity, overcharging your Mac Laptop can cause irrecoverable problems. Avoid placing laptops on smooth surfaces rather than the hard ones.Ensure that you don't overcharge thelaptop's battery lest it may either not work or cause overheating of the system used.

Mac Broken Keyboards(WIRED ONES)

Never let this happen again!: Keyboards determine the efficiency of a system. What next? We at TopTech provide you with the listed solutions to counter the broken keyboard issue:
Check forPower: Check if your wired keyboard has been correctly plugged into thesocket of the Mac PC/laptop. Check for any loose cords behind the Mac PC and ensure that the keyboards are not yanking out.
Try Changing the Connection:  Try changing the USB Ports if thereare any free USB sockets. If it (Mac PC)doesnot work, the USB Port isfaulty.
Restart the Laptop: Restart the Mac system to see if the rebooting recognizes the keyboard.

Mac Broken Keyboards (WIRELESS ONES)


Check for Power:  If the Mac Keyboardis a brand of Apple's wireless keyboards, you would need to check if the batteries have enough power and that the keyboard is turned on.
Check the Bluetooth Connectivity: Watch out for any Bluetooth connectivity options and it is activated. Once these are done, ensure that the keyboard and Bluetooth are paired.Restart the Laptop
Disconnect the Keyboard: Once the batteries have been replaced, and power supply is ensured, and thekeys don't work, then disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to the Mac.

How to fix a Damaged Keyboard?
If by any chance, your wired keyboard or wireless one gets damaged, thenfollow the steps below as a preventive action:
  • Unplug the Keyboard
  • Turn over the Keyboard
  • Blot the Keys
  • Blow compressed air over it
  • Leave the keyboard dry for atleast 12 hours

  • Check the keyboard before plugging in again
MIX UP Keys on the Mac System
  • Go to System Preferences->Keyboards and check for Input sources with the keyboard selected according to the country.
  • If the issue is not resolved. Then try these:
    • Try to press the Option/ALTKey five times. A common shortcut for on and off in the Mac system.
    • Open System preferences. Accessibility.
    • ChooseMouse and trackpad.
    • Deselect /Enable Mouse Keys.
    • Click Options.
    • Deselect the optionkey for five times to Toggle (for Switching of) the keys.
    • Click on OK.

             Laptop Repairing  
Toptech in Ottawa undertakes Laptop repair services immediately on requests from the clients. Our highly experienced and competent team executes the repairs as needed promptly.

Steps to secure a Laptop from getting damaged:

  • Please ensure that all backups are taken before the laptop repair processbegins.
  • Use plug-ins for easy retrieval and removal of portable devices only.
  • It's recommended to know about the service flaps of a laptop. Simply put, try to understand the different parts at the rear end of the laptop.
  • Searchfor availability of spare parts.
  • Ensurecare and safety while fixing all spare parts.
  • Don't let you or your trust go down by performing the wrong procedures.
Some of the general issues faced by customers on their laptops are as listed below:
  • Laptop Set-up and Repair:   Laptops start to run slower than usual. Gets excessively hot while charging.
  • Hard drive replacements:  Hard Disk is the data center ofyourPC.Generally thehard disk differs inSize, Speed and Permanence(i.e.usually fixed in the PC and not removable.)
Depending on the availability of space and memory, there have been some problems related to BIOS Upgrades, Enhanced BIOS expandable
BIOS Upgrades
Each and every hard disk presented to BIOS explains that the BIOS have cylinders, heads and sectors for storage. With the availability of storage in hard disk, alongwith standard BIOS routines, there arise two standards to allocate bits for storage:
Bits For Cylinder Number-
Bits for Head Number
Bits for Sector Number
Total Bits for Geometry
BIOS Int 13h
Combination (Smaller of Each)

Laptop fan replacements
Limited storage space and less ventilation cause the heat to go  up quickly in a laptop. Hence, in these cases, we need to follow certain steps:
  • Follow the manual provided when and in doubt.
  • Turn off the laptop and unplug it.
  • Remove the battery, CD Drives and the hard drive. Turn the laptop face overand remove thescrews on the bottom that hold the keyboard in place.
  • Unplugthe laptop fan.
  • Apply the thin layer ofthermal compound on the CPU and then replace theheat sink and fan.
  • Plug the laptop and switch it on.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen replacement could cost you twice than buying a new one. Do you think so? Perhaps not! The laptop screen replacement would require the user to follow certain techniques to avoid such crucial issues:
Remove the Screen bezel. All laptops if charged up, would need to be disconnected from the ongoing power supply. We need to examine the bezel around the screen for the gravity of the issue. In order to remove the bezel, you would need to remove the screws that hold the LCD Panel in place.
Once the screws have been removed, a thin metal blade comes handy. With the help of the Blade, it's advisable to ensure that the rounded corners are pulled safely with a plastic spudger. The Bezel now simply snaps onto the lid to be strongly placed with a double sided tape. 
Anyhow, the bezel needs to be removed. Next, remove the Broken LCD panel. With the help of LCD's mounting brackets, exposed, remove the screws next to the lid. Now place the laptops front side down on the case, remove/unplug the cable.
Install a new LCD Panel, once the new screen matches the panel in repairs. After all the sides fit accurately, connect the new panel to the cable, position the panel in the lid and secure the screws loosely pointing out. The LCD Panel is ready to be tested and reinstall the bezel.
         Motherboard/Logic Board Repairing
We, a team of Certified Technicians and experts in the repair field, provide you with the best to make your business prosper.We identify the causes of the defect and ensure proper diagnostic tools to manage the problem.
We don't charge, just for the sake of repair fee, but search for the availability of quality spare parts that promotes your system performance. For example, If the repairs of the defective parts costs you $1000, we charge you almost one-third of the amount ($300) only.
The deduction in the repair fee is carried out to balance the qualitative yet quantitative service we provide. What you gain? , Exceptional repair service , Discounted spare parts , Quality and quantity services , Immediate service on calls.

How do we repair the Logic Board?

All laptops and Mac books have inbuilt or externally removable motherboards. Once the motherboard of your laptop or the logic board of your Mac system gets errors, it’s assumed that the motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. We, as technical experts, first diagnose the cause of the error and then identify the solutions to that problem.
If we find the fault in the motherboard/logic board, we will replace the logic board, else, the defective parts are identified and replaced. Next the spare parts are pre-heated for defective component identification. The board will be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner for removal of all accumulated liquids or dust or other such materials.

Booting Problems

Boot sequence is the foundation for the booting of a system. POST does not rely on the type of the Operating System. In fact, there is no need for an Operating System to be installed for the POST to run. The reason behind is that system is handled by BIOS and not the Operating system.
This test checks the basic devices present for accurate working of the peripheral devices and other hardware elements like processor, storage devices and memory. Computers booting happens only after the POST becomes successful. Problems such as windows’ hanging during startups or otherwise can appear after the POST. If the POST is unsuccessful, the device shows an error of some kind.
POST (Power on Self Test)
An acronym for a diagnostic test performed for computers running after, it has been powered on. The concept of POST is not limited to, computers, but also, to other medical equipments.
POST symptoms can come in various forms such as
  • Errors in flashing LED's,
  • Audible beeps,
  • Error messages on the monitor, and so on.
POST Codes get displayed only when the /a monitor is plugged in. If the messages are something other than POST Codes, which come as a wrong display, then the motherboard or the video card is faulty.

Other usual Complaints faced by customers

Blue Screen: Blue Screen errors arise when Microsoft Windows encounters a critical error from which it cannot recover. This results from either slow level software (or Drivers) or crashing of faulty hardware. Blue screen errors occur when your computer's hardware or hardware driver's software's becomes faulty. At times, it can also arise due to low level software running in the Windows Kernel.
When does the Blue Screen Error Occur?
A blue screen error occurs when the system Windows encounters a "STOP ERROR". The failure causes the Windows to either crash or stop working. The only thing that would keep the system running is the Restart option. But be careful! The data loss could happen as the system could not save the files in use or data in open mode.

The Blue Screen Error automatically helps. Windows to create a "mini-dump" file that contains all information about the crash and saves it to your disk. You can easily view this file to identify the cause of the error. Blue Screen Errors could differ from system to system. In Windows System, and previous versions, blue screen looks like a terminal screen with all information displayed.
 In Windows 8 and 10 Blue Screen errors become simpler."Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info and then we will restart it for you. (0% Complete)."
Systems by default in Windows automatically, restart whenever it encounters a blue screen error. You can disable the automatic restarts from the Windows Control Panel.

Disable Automatic Reboot after Blue Screen Errors

Right Click on the Computer icon and Choose Properties. Windows 7 or Vista users will take you to the systems properties screen and click on Advanced System Settings. With the Advanced tab selected, you'll want to click on Setting Button under "Startup and Recovery". Next Uncheck the Option Automatically restart under the System failure section.
Troubleshooting Beep Codes
Computers get beep codes, when either the system gets faulty due to failure of the booting or POST errors and or flashing LED's. Such beeps come to be known as BEEP CODES. This comes along with BIOS (Basic Input Operating System). If you hear beep codes after the computer is turned on, then that means the motherboard has encountered a problem.
·         Power on the computer or restart if already on.
·         Listen to the beep codes when it begins to boot. Restart if the beep codes still exist.
  • Figure out the manufacturing defect with the motherboard.
Apart from carrying out quality  repair services at minimal cost, we do perform a few selected works as per your choice. These are mentioned briefly below.
TopTech ITSolutionsInc, has been the major IT solutions service provider functioning  for the past 3 years. We provide high quality business security services and camera systems which help resolve your needs. We, with professional services and quality surveillance tools,ensure guaranteed response time at competitive prices. Top notch benefits: Best quality products and quality services.

Network management can be a tough a task for all technicians. Our expert technicians with adequate knowledge perform the IT Tasks for you or your corporate offices. All network installations come with safety kits designed and drafted for customer safety. A few points to be noted while performing network-installation:
           ·          Review what type of installation you need to perform
           ·           Plan the MDM Deployment
           ·          Download the Installation Packages
           ·          Install and configure pre-requisites software
           ·          Complete Post installation configuration and development
           ·          Update your installation
           ·          Verify the installation.
           ·           Install the TopTech MDM.   

Each website aims at conveying unique ideas and innovative concepts. We, Top Techs IT Solutions. Inc, are guided by this motto. We strive to secure for you maximum revenue through widest exposure and safe methodologies. Our accomplished team assists you with web design services like content development and management.
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Thus, friends, we, at Top Tech identify the root cause of computer issues and help you at every step by demonstrating the services online after the problem has been  identified and steps for resolving  them are taken.
Never ever,  hesitate to drop in at our address below or  write to us for an immediate solution to computer issues:
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